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Queen Link of the Week

The Toy Mangler - customised Vampyre & Goth figures. A perfect gift for your beloved!

Guide to Horror Cafes
Meat interesting people

Scream Queens

The Sexy World of Gillian Anderson - pictures of the X Files star.

Grace Jones - star of 'Vamp'

Kiss of the Vampire - the movie with Isobel Black

Carroll Borland - the Lugosi fan who became a Star

Denice Duff - homepage of the SUBSPECIES Vampyre Queen!

Elvira - The Mistress of the Dark's Homepage...

Addams Family Reunion - Darryl Hannah as Morticia!

Roxanne Michaels - star of Troma's Terror Firmer...

Mistress Persephone - Mistress Persephone's Tartarus...and The Mistress Persephone Tribute Page

Pitt of Horror - Ingrid's Fan Club

Shadow's Christina Ricci Page - see the Woman who was Wednesday...

Silent Scream - the Unofficial Barbara Steele page!

Barbara Steele - more on 'la grande Barbara'

Stephanie Stokes - Troma Scream Queen...

Vampira - Her Slinkiness and lots more great stuff!

Mary Woronov - Andy Warhol's favorite whip dancer and horror star/artist!

Vampyre/Goth Sites

How to Seduce a Gothic Princess

ACTIVITIES FOR VAMPYRES - all the biggest & best Vampiric Events!

ART OF THE VAMPIRE - Vampire Art, posters and book covers!

Carpe Noctem - U.S. Goth/horror mag: good links

Visit Darlingos at these sites: NeoVampire and Mean People Rock!

Michi's The Book of the Vampire - see pics of vampiress Biggi...

The Dracula Society of London - interesting site of one of the world's oldest vampire societies.

Daughters of Darkness - Pam Keesey's favorite female vampires...

The Dracula Society - dedicated to gothic literature, theatre and cinema. London-based.

The Fang Club - red-blooded activities across the U.S.

FemCenobite - share Sins of the Flesh with FemCenobite!

Frkgirl - see Frkgirl's bloody fangs!

International Vampire - lots of info, links and a great message board

Jhaesayte - Webmistress of The Gateway...

Kinky Cards - charming way to say 'Sorry about your neck...'

Lady Gothic - singer with Gothic Sex.

Leslie - Queen of The Bug Ranch

London Vampyre Group - highly active, produces 'The Chronicles'

Pathway to Darkness - the Ultimate Online Vampire Resource. Really.

Pitt of Horror - Ingrid's Fan Club

Rose Noire - Webmistress of Vampires Among Us...

Sanguinarii Liberi - excellent vampiric links

Danza Macabra - where VampGirl weaves her Dance of Death...

View from the Darkside - exquisitely atmospheric goth portraits/landscapes. Recommended.


Books in the Belfry
London bookshop specialising in Vampire, Fetish & "unusual" books. Recommended.

Darkside Love
Gothic/Dark Dating. Meet interesting people and...

Dave Carson's Lovecraftian Art - a home where the Shoggoths roam...

The splatteriest Horror DVDs!

Dark-Angels - Erotic Esoterica and Esoteric Erotica

The Toy Mangler - customised Vampyre & Goth figures. A perfect gift for your beloved!


ACTIVITIES FOR VAMPYRES - all the biggest & best Vampiric Events!

A GOTHIC REQUIEM presented by Christian at The Session Bar, 183 Kensington High Street, London W8 and other venues. Requiem is a 'Gothic Arts and Music Club' sympathetic to Vampyres...

Anyone planning a visit to London is highly recommended to take a look at New in London which has very useful and essential tips on getting there, getting around and lots of fun things to see and do in London. Check it out!


"The ultimate aim of crime is to establish a boundless Dominion of Crime... total insecurity and anarchy built on the destroyed ideals of a world which is sentenced to perish. When people are dominated by the terror of crime, when they are insane and terror rules supreme, then the hour of the Dominion of Crime has struck!" Doktor Mabuse

Fantomas - the Surrealists' favorite Master Criminal

Art of the Vampire


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ART OF THE VAMPIRE - Vampiric Art in paintings, illustration, posters and book covers...



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