Modelling the Millennium

In Irma Vep mode
Since I wound down my clothes company last year, I've been travelling and doing some modelling - magazines, catalogues, book covers and some catwalk capers ("Catwalk Kitten shows her claws," as one helpful journalist put it...)

Michel says he'd like to put me into a vampire movie one day. That would be great, but I'm not holding my breath! In the meantime I'm enthusiastic about doing more modelling - especally anything imaginative with a macabre, fantastic or futuristic theme. If anyone out there has a *genuine* photographic/modelling assignment you think I could help you with, let me know about it!

Please take a look at my photos. I'll be adding new ones every few weeks. Hope you enjoy them!
(Thanks to Andy Chittock who took the photos)

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