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Next coronation - KATE BECKINSALE!!!!!

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Welcome to Vampyre Queen of the Week!

"Welcome to my home. Come freely. Go safely.
And leave something of the happiness you bring!"

Apologies again for not updating recently. We hope to get back to 'normal' SOON. There are some outstanding Vampyre Queens waiting to be crowned. Their time will come! Thanks for your patience.

Is Your Blood Blue?

A new Vampire Queen takes her place on the Throne of Blood every week. Our first Vampire Queens will be immortal Scream Queens of the Silver Screen. But we're also looking for new blood - Royal Blood! - among the Vampyre Ladies of the Web.

To be crowned Queen you have to be female (or close enough to fool us) and appropriately vampiric-looking. This can mean fangs, blood or just attitude and imagination.

If you would like to nominate yourself, or someone you know, to be Vampyre Queen of the Week, drop us a line at the address below. If you're chosen to join the Immortals, we'll run your picture and link to your homepage (if you have one) in our Portal to the Immortals section.

Unfortunately it has become necessary to point out that anyone who sends in photos that later turn out to be of someone else (and without that other person's permission) will be disqualified!

The reign of each Vampyre Queen usually begins on Mondays. Please look in again SOON (next coronation will be when current computer problems are sorted!)

Nominations from any country are welcome, but we're especially seeking nominations for EUROPEAN Vampyre Queens from these countries:
England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Switzerland and Russia etc. Also Japan and the Orient....
Send nominations to

BTW, anyone planning a visit to London is highly recommended to take a look at New in London which has very useful and essential tips on getting there, getting around and lots of fun things to see and do while in London. Check it out!

Never Thirst!

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