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Check here regularly for details of what's new in Vampire books, magazines and movies. If you publish vampire-related books and magazines or produce vampire films/videos, send me details and I'll promote them here.

July 28 Update
After two previous changes of date, the definitive date for VAMPYRIA 3 is December 5th and the venue will be a new subterranean club on a 300 year-old site: Fabric at 67-77 Charterhouse Street, Farringdon, London EC1. The impressive line-up of bands includes Theatre des Vampires (from Italy), CASTRUM (from Croatia), Inkubus Sukkubus, Midnight Configuration, Sekhem Horus, and The Realm. First confirmed movie guest is Eileen Daly, star of Razor Blade Smile. Plus there will be plenty of other events including a Vampire Cabaret, a special event organised by Torture Garden, and appearances by personalities as diverse as Vampiria herself, Countess Bathory and El Chupacabra! Booking has started so hurry and get your tickets now as this event attracts dedicated Vamps from all over the world! Contact:

Then there's a news release touting a new line of make-up "inspired by the vampire subculture in Los Angeles, New York and London." Vampire Cosmetics features eyeshadows, dusts, lip- and eye-liners, lipsticks and nail polishes with color names like Damned, Vinyl, Restraits and Bloodbath. No pastel, grunge or flourescent colors here! Creatures of the night who want to look their best while out stalking can buy Vampire Cosmetics at selected boutiques or on-line (at

May 6th Update

For anyone interested in the macabre, the highlight of 1999 is without doubt going to be the Edgar Allan Poe International Festival taking place in Prague, Czechoslovakia, from 3rd August to 30th October, 1999. There will be a full three months of Poe-related activities, including exhibitions of rare Poe editions and artwork, film screenings (all through September), plays, symphonies, operas and pageants.

Artistic director of the Festival - which commemorates the 150th anniversary of Poe's mysterious death - is British actor Clive Perrott, who starred in a recent short film adaptation of Poe's The Black Cat. Clive will be appearing in the guise of Poe himself at various events during the festival.

There will be a FESTIVAL WEBSITE with full details of the activities, but as of today it was still 'under construction.' In the meantime, for further details contact Peter Fawn, the Executive Director of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague, at

The highlight of the Vampire Calendar this year is undoubtedly VAMPYRIA III, the third chapter of the world's largest Vampire event - with live music, bizarre stage acts, and guest celebrities - tentatively scheduled for 19.09.1999. Last year, Vampires and Vampire Lovers came to London for Vampyria II from as far away as Brazil! To buy tickets for this latest and greatest vampiric event ("Blood, Sex, Death. The Myth...") contact VAMPYRIA...


In Blood We Lust is a new collection of 33 "depraved sexual fantasies for Vampires" edited by the vampiric duo behind Bloodstone magazine. Publication date is July 5th, 1999. Devotees of vampire erotica in the UK can secure their copy by sending a cheque or postal order for 10.99 to: In Blood We Lust (VAMPQ), Dark Angel Productions, BCM Box 3475, London WC1N 3XX, England.
Anyone outside the UK, write to that address or send an email to and ask for purchasing info.

The Blood Countess, a new film based on the life of the blood-bathing Countess Elizabeth Bathory, has been announced. It is not yet clear if this is based on the novel by Andrei Codrescu of the same name. Casting has yet to be finalised but Linda Blair and Christopher Lee are among the names being mentioned.

One of the most exciting vampire film projects of recent years seems to have collapsed. First announced three years ago, Vampire Cult Queens from Hell was to have starred Barbara Steele, Martine Beswick and Mary Woronov as three deadly Vampire Queens! The cast alone would have made this a must-see cult item. Alas, the three actresses seem to have had disagreements over the script which was by Mary Woronov, who was also the film's producer. This is just too good a project (and title!) to be allowed to die! All true vampire movie fans should write to Mary today and tell her that they are dying to see this movie with that cast! Tell her that you'll give blood to see this movie! Tell her that you'll go and see it in a theater and that you'll definitely buy the video when it comes out... Maybe if she gets enough emails and letters about this, she'll be able to show them to a distributor and convince the accountants that there are a lot of people ready to pay hard cash to see this potential classic. Don't hesitate, write Mary Woronov today at

April 18th, 1999

The official 2nd issue (actually the 3rd - there was a special launch issue) of 'Bloodstone: The Magazine for Vampires' is just out. There's lots about Anne Rice books and movies, a photo report on the Vampyria 2 event, articles about adult vampire comics, SM culture, vampire softcore porn and lots of reviews of films, videos, CDs and books. Bloodstone is a British magazine but can also be found in the USA in comics/horror stores etc. Check out the Bloodstone website.

The same company, Dark Angel Productions is also bringing out an anthology of all-new erotic Vampire stories, In Blood We Lust, publication date July 5th, 1999. Contact for ordering info.

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fey is the first release from the new British 'Pagan Video' label masterminded by cult movie resurrectionist Pete Tombs. Anyone who has read his books, 'Immoral Tales' (written with Cathal Tohill) and 'Mondo Macabro', will appreciate Pete's masterly knowledge and his dedication to the pungent lower depths of movie-making around the world. With Pagan he has used his knowledge to put together a collector's dream list of weird must-see movies, many of them so obscure that they aren't even mentioned in reference books!

'Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fey' is a French movie about an immortal Lesbian psychic vampire who rules over a castle full of female love slaves. It has some silmilarities with the Countess Bathory story except that this countess bathes in milk instead of blood!

Among other upcoming Pagan titles are 'Hellish Love', a Japanese erotic ghost story; 'The Watcher inthe Attic', a voyeuristic Japanese erotic-horror classic based on 'The Human Chair', a great story by Japan's answer to Edgar Allan Poe; 'Love Bites', a macabre cinematic love poem from cult director Walerian Borowczyk ('The Beast'); 'Zipang', Japanese martial arts/ninja fantasy; and a real treat - 'The Vampire's Night Orgy', a sexy Spanish black humor/horror classic from vampire movie specialist Leon Klimovsky!

For more details check out Pagan's informative website .
Titles can be ordered at 12.99 (plus 10% p&p) each from Pagan Films,
PO Box 28504, London N5 6WJ. (Note that films are only available in UK video format at present.) Give Pagan your support so that Pete can bring out some of the really rare foreign Vampire movies he has his eye on!

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