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Writer, Poet, RingMistress of the 'RaGe Ring of BLOODLUST

My Dark Master
I satiate my hunger
Yet I starve
My Dark Master
Tis you I crave
I see you in my 'Minds Eye'
Relishing the taste of fresh young 'Mortal Women'
My 'Maker'
You did 'Embrace' me into this 'Life'
I gaze upon you
Lifeless in your Coffin
I gently run my fingers down the side of your face,
Careful not to stir you,
Lest you awaken thinking I am 'Harm'
I long for your touch
Your next 'Kiss'
Your 'Taste'
But still there is a 'Void'
Only you can fill
My 'Immortal Lover'
Rid me of these 'Mortal' vices
So when I sleep beside Thee
I am one with you
'RaGe '98