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WebMistress of Cat O'Nines and Crucifixes

The Dark Stranger

The Night lingers upon us,
like the taste of sour cherries.

Blackness, Darkness, a sheet of eternity
-our senses give in to the beauty.

The stillness of the sky, suggests all are in
the deep trance,
surrendered to Sleep as a wounded warrior.

A figure, one of adornment,
is lurking tonight.
Overpowering shadows fall upon the garden.

The roses of white wilt,
the red, stand high and mighty

The Master is upon us tonight.

As Sleep takes the soul's consciousness,
while falling into the world of black,

the Dark Stranger approaches.

Lust in it's eyes
and heart pounding like a drum.

Say goodbye to your soul,
defeat Sleep.

Surrender to the Dark Stranger.
Mistress HellBelle